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Tohnain Anthony Nguo better known as Magasco aka “Bamenda Boy” is a Cameroonian Afro-pop/afro-beats artist from Northwest Region (Cameroon).


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    • 1.1 Early life
    • 1.2 Career
    • 1.3 Awards and nominations
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Early life

Magasco’s love for music started at the age of 6 when he used to attend the Catholic church in Bamenda. He was present to most of the singing activities of the church. He got his A level certificate in art then studied history at the University of Yaoundé I. From there, he decided to go professional with his music career since his love for music was growing stronger by the day.


Magasco’s first public appearance was at a talent show called Positive Vibrations back in 1999. He formed a group of rappers in 2000 called “T-Drops” with longtime besties DaBlu and Klone. In 2009, the group separated because DaBlu left for the U.S where he is currently doing music. After getting his A-level, he was then selected to be among the candidates for the NW region at Nescafé singing competition along with Joys and Nasty. At the beginning of his career Magasco worked with label (Mumak) Where after releasing his debut single Line loba (land rover), same exposure let him to be signed under a biggest Cameroonian urban company Empire. Also Magasco has been part of end of year events at Palais de sport Yaoundé with crowds of over ten thousand. In 2013 Magasco was nominated for “Best Urban Artist” for Cameroon, which did not win but he keeps his head high for better achievements. Magasco now under Empire, has released two singles so far (Fine BOY) and (Marry Me) which are currently hitting the world under the influence of National and international media. The remix of his song “Fine Boy ” with DUC Z was included in the Mboa Tape Vol2 Magasco is currently making several appearances in Cameroon starting in his home town Bamenda where he will be performing at the (In the Moov) concert. Magasco is currently working on his first album which was announced for early 2015.

Awards and nominations

  • Won “Best Northwest Urban Artist” on the Red Feather Awards
  • Won “Bafani Awards” in the category of Revolutionary Artist in Bamenda
  • Nominated for “Best Urban Artist” for Cameroon



  • “Line Loba”
  • “Fine Boy (featuring Duc Z)”
  • “Marry Me”
  • “Kumba Market”
  • “All VIP”
  • “No Man No Wowo”
  • “It’s Ova”

EPs  Raw Gold Tracklist

  • “Wule Bang Bang”
  • “Bolo”
  • “Belinda”
  • “Deal”
  • “Baby Love”
  • “Mummy Love”